Spotting Chrome Hearts fake tag on clothes

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Chrome Hearts fake tag vs real

Spotting Chrome Hearts fake tag on clothes

Here’s how you identify a Chrome Hearts fake tag clothes. The real Chrome Hearts tag at the back of the cloths is hand-sew. Check if there are loose connecting threads on the Chrome Hearts logo. Watch out for wrong spelling in other insignificant words besides Chrome Hearts. They tend to misspell the “Y”s and “T”s. Check if Chrome Hearts original tags include the dotted lines to separate the barcodes and watch out Chrome Hearts Lovers! If you want to get any Chrome Hearts, try to get something that’s not a possibly a laughing stock!

Four marks for identifying the fake tag.


There is a transparent thread and a white thread neatly crossed-sewed together under the Chrome Hearts CH logo. As you can see in the pic, the sewing is very uninformed and very troublesome for fakes or replicate.


The bar-code and serial number on every piece of Chrome Hearts are unique. Which means if you see the same barcode appearing on two different t-shirts, most probably they are selling fake Chrome Hearts and reusing the labels.


The “CH” is sewed on and not printed on.


The sewing at the back of the Chrome Hearts clothes label is very fine and neat. This is to sew the white and transparent thread in the front of the Chrome Hearts tag as mentioned above.


There is nothing as factory rejects and “my supplier” told me it’s authentic. Beware who you purchase.




You can also use our Authentication service which will give you a necessary opinion for your newly purchased Chrome Hearts goods.

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