What brand is Chrome Hearts?

 In Chrome Hearts

The beginning of Chrome Hearts

The Chrome Hearts is mainly based on silverware and jewellery, but the domestic rather the daily clothing like T-shirts, sweaters are more common, most of the domestic definition of tide brand, is indeed a huge misunderstanding. Founded in 1988 in Los Angeles by Richard Stark, Chrome Hearts is a “luxury accessories, leather goods and furniture excellence brand.” Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark is dedicated to excellent materials and timeless design and founded the first independent Chrome Hearts store in New York City in 1996.


Brand products line!

In fact, Chrome Hearts product line covers silverware, leather goods, jewellery, clothing and accessories, glasses and even cutlery, smoking, wine and furniture, products all reflect their own unique style. If compared to European and American brands silverware as the main products, including BILL Wall leather, Crazy pig Designs, ALEX Streeter, as well as the recent fire stars Cody Sanderson, etc. (originally wanted to compare Tiffany, always feel uncomfortable), of course, the above Several other jewelry products are also made of materials. The concept of several brands is completely different, but from a brand positioning perspective, Chrome Hearts is much more demanding than others for positioning itself, or it costs a lot more to build a brand. Here is a sub-level.

Chrome Hearts store decoration style and investment.


One of the unique features of Chrome Hearts I’ve known when it comes to being a luxury brand. First, display cabinets, storage desks, coffee tables, dressing room doors, fitting frames in the Chrome Hearts store, so that the wood-related furniture and hardware you see at the store are all home style and elements and use their own factories are manufactured, the cost is evident. The store also prohibits taking pictures, so the picture is based on the official.

The facilities and details of the shop did its utmost, including the splicing of its own logo cross. Regardless of the cost of the show. Second, the hardware details of the furniture in stores include the design of the brand inside, including the three-dimensional cross flowers on both ends of the lotus leaf, the crucifix of the keyway, the cross flower on the latch, the metal partition board on the wooden floor On the F ** k, tiles across the cross, etc., intentions and laying details.


Third, those kinds of leather furniture that are sewn with all kinds of crosses like leather sofas, chairs, pillows and many other unique pieces of furniture.  The range of products includes any type interior decoration like plaster ceiling, steps of marble, wallpapers and a variety of floor tiles. And last but not least all kind of interior furnishings. These costs not only design and thinking but also spend real money on production.



Currently went to Japan’s Harajuku, Osaka’s Shinsaibu, Umeda in Osaka, Hong Kong’s Prince Tower, the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles, the United States, New York, Beijing’s flagship store, outside the store different styles, but each is unchanged is the iconic Horseshoe Cross Flower:


Beijing store is similar to the Apple store with its glass curtain wall, divided into two halls, West Hall, the main selling silverware, East Hall is mainly jewelry and it is the world’s largest store. In addition, the Hangzhou branch will open in April 2017 and become the second store in mainland China


Aoyama store

The store is placed as the detached house, into the fence after the basketball shelves and court.


Osaka Shinsaibashi shop is on the skirt side of a building, shop on the second floor, the first floor of the building is hollowed out a lot of cruciferous flowers, the main entrance to the second floor of the storefront building that is very beautiful, full of details.


Miami shop is a garden design. Mainly white.

Umeda store in Osaka

There two stores in Hong Kong and many Asian shops that are open in shopping malls. The following are more such shop facade. All of each above CHROME HEARTS store itself is a work of art or store is also part of their products, exudes the charm of this brand. Purchasing something from their store is very expensive but you must personally go into the storefront, feel the style of each entity shop and feel the environment you will have a better understanding and of the brand.


Here is actually talking about the design of the product, enough to see the Chrome Hearts brand special positioning: In addition to electronic equipment and appliances, as long as you can do something, stores used items can do it at a glance out of their own style of items.


Stapler! silvery! signing pen! silvery! (Muti ball chain fixed on the signature desk).

Show atlas, leather!

Change the cash register and put the small tray card! real leather! Show product tray! real leather!

Occasional store chocolate, chopping board! Solid wood! Note corner details: Napkin box! Solid wood! Napkins are with their own cross LOGO, the details touching.


To sum up, from the brand building and cultural establishment, personally feel Chrome Hearts than other brands have to be careful, we may just focus on Chrome Hearts silver selling gold price, K gold selling diamond price, but the product itself is positioned, Definitely the top of this industry, the luxury level is no consultation.


Many brand stores, including Goro’s, CPD and so are the only one, no branch of the model, positioning more like a jewelry store, this can only say that each brand is not the same idea, it is difficult to say that only one store is good, More shop is not good. Of course, from the purchase of the difficulty, and now CPD also has e-mail shopping website, is also a sales model development, Goro’s is still said to have been queuing up to buy, see the dish sales, or really is the output Limited.

The second part, talk about Chrome Hearts Extension and co-branded, several collaborative series is more interesting:
The most famous branch should be Foti by CH, this series includes the image of the main skeletons, the body is a variety of creatures, including angels, girls, etc., and each image has its own name. Jewelry products and accessories mainly accessories. foti welcome to add the origin of this brand.


Rick Owens, best known for his collaboration in footwear.

Wesco does not have frequent cooperation

UGG, Adidas, Vans, Converse, put their own image through the details, or the overall feeling of superposition, a style very different.

Appear in recent years, more branch is Matty Boy, graffiti style, the main products to leather goods and daily wear. In addition, some street style products (skateboarding, surfing), etc., also have the corresponding products.

Chrome Hearts logo

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